Shopping Tips For Your First Archery Equipment

A good relationship

Your archery equipment needs to be both safe, and well fitted and suited to you and your needs. Whether you buy your archery equipment from an archery shop or not, it's a good idea to strike up a good relationship with a helpful and knowledgeable archery shop owner who loves helping people get started.


Lots of testing

It's optimal if they shoot recurve bows themselves, and they need to be happy to spend the time it takes for you to get comfortable with shooting your bow, and not rush you at all. You need to be able to shoot a lot of different bows before you decide on anything, so it is best if they stock a lot of different brands and if they stock used bows and can give you advice on choosing used archery equipment that should be considered as a good option too. A reputable archery shop will also offer follow up assistance and advice and this is especially important during the first few weeks when you're practicing and getting used to the weight of the pull and the feel of your bow. Small adjustments are likely to be needed, especially if your bow and string are brand new, and are settling as you move them.



The accessories

Another helpful thing to look for when shopping for archery equipment is an archery shop that also stocks a lot of different accessories, such as sights if you choose to use them, in many different price brackets. The archery shop also needs to spend some time helping you select something that you actually need, at your level and budget and not just try to sell you the most expensive, newest thing.


Select the appropriate gear for your level

Archery equipment has gotten very technical and there are some wonderful new ideas to fine tune the experienced archers hand. However, as a beginner it is easy to get overwhelmed with all the fancy promises. For example, an expensive sight will not improve your accuracy, many archers choose to use an open sight, which can be a little scary for a novice. In fact, having a sight pin or a crosshair on your sight can lead to 'over-aiming' and this is very unhelpful to your technique; if you are consciously aiming 'too hard' you will lose your natural advantage. The human brain is very good at centering concentric circles (we can very accurately position a coin in the center of a plate, for example) so let your natural ability do the work of lining up your target circle with your sight circle.


Search online

There are many archery equipment companies online, and these can be a great resource for learning about what products are available at what prices, especially when buyers have reviewed the products. Recurve archery forums may also be a good place to learn from more experienced archers about what products are good for a beginner.


By all means, have a look at all the archery equipment available to you, but take the advice of more advanced archers and learn the basic form without expensive distractions. Practice, practice and more practice will serve you best.