How Can Your Bow’s Draw Weight Interfere With Your Archery Performance?

How Can Your Bow’s Draw Weight Interfere With Your Archery Performance?


Are you drawing the right amount of weight? Well, everyone is different. Everyone has its own physique and stamina, and thus, there is no one-fit for all  solution. Moreover, in Archery, there is no prize awarded if an archer draws the heaviest weight. The drawing weight has an invisible impact over your performance, and thus it is essential that you draw the right weight. But how do you know? Let’s discuss it in this article in detail.


  • When you cannot draw the bow at all

Well, this one is quite obvious. If you are unable to draw the archery bow weight at all and you are not able to bring the string back, you won’t be able to shoot. This is a clear indication that you are drawing too much weight.


  • When you can draw the bow

Even if you succeed in drawing the string on your archery bow, does it mean that the weight was just right for you? If the bow has too much draw weight, but you are somehow able to draw it, your accuracy is going to suffer. If you are not able to hit the bull’s eye – it is not worth it!


So How To You Determine If The Bow Has The Perfect Drawing Weight Ideal For You?

The simple alternative here is to try your hands at varying draw weights. If you’re able to shoot perfectly at 30 pounds, but if you missed the target at 40 pounds, this clearly indicates that 40 pounds are just too much for you.


How To Practice Drawing Heavier Weights?

There is no award associated if an archer is able to draw the heaviest weight. But, if you want to be a versatile archer, you should try your hands at varying weights. Just because 40 pounds were not your cup of tea a few days back, doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to shoot that weight anytime in future. Practice Archery more, this will make you stronger. Indulge yourself in strength training workouts that would help you in strengthening your upper body muscles.


Should You Keep Shooting The Heavy Weight Even If You Are Not Comfortable With It?

Well, a strict no! You should not do something that is not good for you. Every time you try shooting with a heavy weight, you are simply interfering with your performance. Your shooting form to a great extent depends on muscle memory. Muscle memory is nothing but the way you train your muscles how they should perform during shooting. If you train your muscles wrongly by trying to shoot the wrong weight, your muscle memory is futile and in the long run, is sure to interfere with your archery results.


 Determine the right archery bow weight and practice thoroughly. Slowly and gradually, power up your performance and improve your strength to draw heavier weights.