5 Reasons You Should Try Your Hands At Archery

5 Reasons You Should Try Your Hands At Archery

If you are thinking about taking up a sport and are still undecided then Archery can be a suitable option for you to experience and explore. We play games usually to keep our body fit and refresh our mind, and as a fact, archery does provide us with these two benefits. The question here is ‘So do other sports, then why archery?”. Well, explore the following 5 simple reasons that we’ve got listed below for you!

  1. Improves mental focus

The most important constituent of a successful person’s life apart from strength is the mental focus, something you can develop by playing Archery. There is no denying the fact that, if your mind is clear, you can concentrate better, and while you are playing archery, concentrating on your target is the primary factor. Mental focus is a skill which you can utilize in any area of life and what could be more fun than developing it while playing a sport like Archery?


  1. Strengthens your core muscles

Apart from aiding you in improving your mental focus, Archery is a sport which really strengthens your core muscles. The idea behind archery is to hit a target from a distance with the help of bow and arrow. So here you need a good balance to make sure that you can target,  for which you really need to keep your body still. Therefore, as you practice the sport, you will begin to work on your core muscles, which are the muscles around your pelvis and trunks, both of which are instrumental in balancing your body.


  1. All weather sport

Speaking of the truth, a range of sports today is usually played under certain weather conditions. But with Archery, it’s not the same case. You can play it at your convenience, all you need here is a bow and arrow, and a target, and you are set. In archery, there are two seasons, indoor and outdoor, which means you get to play it all round the year. The indoor season allows you to play it inside – maybe in a club or hall, and it gets you to shoot targets from a distance of 18 meters on average. While in the outdoor season, there is no bar whatsoever in terms of distance between you and the target, as you get to shoot from various distances.


  1. Lifetime sport

There is no bar in Archery as far as age is concerned. If you have learned it once, you can play it for a lifetime. There have been numerous instances of people playing it even being at an old age and achieving heart-warming accolades. One such example is Butch Johnson, who made it to the US Olympic Team five times, the last being at the age of 52.


  1. Builds confidence

The fact that you are being able to shoot an arrow into the bull’s eye is more than enough to boost your confidence. This helps you to get motivated and you feel like you have accomplished something, which is surely going to build your confidence.

Archery is not just about bow and arrows. It requires skill, dedication and enthusiasm to achieve perfection. So what all are you waiting for?