Beyond the Boring: Six Fun Things to Try When You Get Bored BowHunting

April 05, 2016

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You need to be watchful and alert while you are bowhunting. After all, who would like to have a turkey or a deer standing right in front of them? But don't worry, it is very less likely that you will ever come across such situations! And in the situations, when you are perhaps in a lonely forest with nothing much to do (and hunt), you need to keep yourself engaged to keep the spirits high. Here we have a list of six such things for you. Read on!


1) Say yes to gadgets

If you have got a smartphone or a tablet, you can keep yourself busy for hours together. But the battery life is sure to bother you. However, power banks and durable batteries can serve as a perfect savior. When not bow hunting, you can click few selfies in the woods. You can also text your friends involved in bow hunting and keep each other updated. Games are another best thing you can get involved into. You can play games to keep yourself entertained. Besides, you can also update your social networks about what you have been doing in the woods.


2) Have some time to read books

Though you have been reading digital books, it is also sometimes great to read the traditional paperback style books. Make sure that you have enough room in your backpack for books which you can read in the wildlife.


3) Recognize the sounds

You generally are in the forests before sunrise or after sunset for bow hunting. Though you might not come across many animals, you can listen to the chirping of the birds and the insects as the dawn breaks. This is altogether a different experience and you can even try identifying the birds based on their sounds.


4) Rejuvenate yourself

Spending time bowhunting in the woods is a soothing experience. But even when you are not hunting, you could do other things that will rejuvenate you. You can stretch yourselves and do some yoga so that your body is relaxed and you can start afresh again! You can also take a brief nap so that all your tiredness is gone. You can also do some meditation to stay at peace mentally.


5) Organize things

If you are relaxing, it could also be a perfect time for you to organize the things you are carrying. The vest or the backpack you are carrying would need a bit of cleaning and organizing since you would have ruffled through them frequently. You can also make lists of things you are supposed to do so that your actions are organized.


6) Maintain a record

While you are not bowhunting in the woods, you can spend your time writing an account of your experiences in the woods. Pay heed to join phases, weather, sounds of birds and other aspects you find interesting. You can also make maps for yourselves, marking all the hunting sites you come across. You can also attach snap photos to the record.


Martin Douglas
Martin Douglas